The New Canvas Interface

Canvas introduced a new page design called the New Canvas User Interface (UI).  We will be transitioning to the new UI in 2016.  For those of you that use the Canvas iPad and/or Android apps the new UI will look familiar.  Here is an overview and tour of Canvas’s New User Interface.

600 – New Canvas User Interface Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.


How to Take Screenshots in a Snip with these Windows Tools


I was sitting here today going through some help tickets and looking at screenshots that folks were sending in.  Screenshots can help everyone, from tech support to students to friends who are having computer issues and need you to see what they are seeing.

While I use a variety of screen capping tools, I have used many of the ones listed in this article.  However, one of my favorites is not listed.  I use the screen cap tool in Google Picasa to capture screens, then crop, edit, catalog, annotate, and then send via email or share in Google Photos.  Gadzooks…I just sounded like a Google commercial!!

Anyway, check out the article below, and share your favorite tools if you want.

Source: How to Take Screenshots in a Snip with these Windows Tools

Quick Excel Tips Every Office Worker Needs to Know

Teacher’s are always looking for new bellringer activities, or maybe just some additional resources for their course.

Spreadsheets find their way into every day life more and more frequently.  I should know…I am constantly having to build a spreadsheet to help us slice and dice data from other spreadsheets or text files.

So check out these seven tips and see if it helps you bring some more useful information to your students.

And if you have any tips you would like to share, please feel free to share them in the comment box below.

Source: Quick Excel Tips Every Office Worker Needs to Know